Seminar Marketing

Seminar Marketing

Rely on twenty years of expertise for your seminars and workshops to fill your pipeline.

We literally wrote the book on direct response marketing. In fact, we have written several and one of our competitors bought 2,000 of them but you can download the one we wrote on seminar marketing here absolutely free. Or give us a call and we will leverage twenty years of direct response expertise to put you in front of the largest qualified audience and provide you with the greatest opportunity to acquire new clients.

Our seminar and workshop marketing services across direct mail, digital, and email produce consistent, high-quality results on every campaign. This enables you to attract the most qualified prospects and demonstrate your expertise while building trust and credibility.


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We hit capacity within four days. You have also done a great job with your qualification of prospects. We have absolutely hit our target market. I’m happy to be a testimonial for you to attract business. You’ve earned that.”

Rick C. – Wealth Protection Advocates

I sometimes wonder if you guys work 24-7… Acquire Direct is on top of things constantly for me, reporting attendance, when we meet our capacity, and providing options and strategies throughout the marketing process. Acquire Direct is the biggest help ever and working with you makes my job so much easier. Ever since we started…

Casey W. – Carter Financial Group