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Rely on Acquire to orchestrate your marketing and continuously engage your prospects across one or many touchpoints.


Discover the true drivers of ROI. Response rates are the the start of this discussion but if that is your focus you’re falling short.

Hyperlocal Expertise

Gain access to revolutionary tools for hyperlocal marketing. We are experts in driving BIG results no matter how large or small your market.

Powerful Data & Tech

Amplify your marketing with the industry’s only innovations in technology and data to drive better results while saving time and money.


Million Consumer Records


Million Households Targeted


Thousand Prospects Generated


Billion in Assets Seen

Experts in Client Acquisition

Acquire provides marketing to professional service providers’ end markets. Our expertise spans across traditional and digital channels primarily for the financial and legal industries. We have been able to consistently achieve fast and predictable results by focusing on three things:


We gain a solid understanding of your practice, your people, and your marketing priorities.
While there are many things that work…real results occur when we find what works best for you


We seamlessly deploy marketing based on our understanding of your business and objectives. You enjoy a turnkey process that consistently drives prospects to your events, office, or website.


Our largest outcome from both marketing and listening. We are constantly pursuing ways to identify and solve challenges that you face when growing your business.

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I sometimes wonder if you guys work 24-7… Acquire Direct is on top of things constantly for me, reporting attendance, when we meet our capacity, and providing options and strategies throughout the marketing process. Acquire Direct is the biggest help ever and working with you makes my job so much easier. Ever since we started using you guys, we have had so many more attendees come to our seminars and so many more clients walk through our doors due as a result. Thank you guys so very much!

Casey W. – Carter Financial Group

We hit capacity within four days. You have also done a great job with your qualification of prospects. We have absolutely hit our target market. I’m happy to be a testimonial for you to attract business. You’ve earned that.”

Rick C. – Wealth Protection Advocates